Season 27 Brightside Team Review

The last team review was written by someone notorious for going off on a tangent, so I’m here to provide a clear, unbiased team review from the most trusted source for least trusted information.

Penella-GOD GAMER. Biggest donger in RD2L. Enabled the only reliable core on the team to actually win games.

Big Orange Boy — Washed. We stopped electing big orange boys president in 2020.

EarthboundGigyas — Budget Muggsy. Heavily countered by flying, bug, and grass-type carries.

Brightside — Overpriced Stangbanger

Nightwhisper — Good enough of a carry to make Brightside mid look viable. He’s not as good OJ Simpson was as a running back, but better than OJ Simpson was at murdering ex-wives.


Statistician, Gamer, Fed Watcher, Activist Investor

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