RD2L Season 29 Auction Scout Sheet

2 min readApr 29, 2023

Are you a lazy captain that can’t be bothered to scout players? You needn’t worry, as Econ is here with 5 picks to consider for each position: Mid, Carry, Offlane, Support, and Disband Tanker.

With this guide, you can draft a team in style and have a great scapegoat to blame when your team disbands

5 Carries to Watch

  1. Jae

Creep hitter extraordinaire

2. Iceyeti


3. Lemon

Can get 7-up sponsorship for your team

4. Bonk

Everyone hypes up bonk, but personally I think he’s nothing special

5. Deep pick: Style

Budget pick for anyone who blew their entire budget on offlaners.

5 Mids to watch

  1. Stang

If you know you know

2. Maestro

Econ carried this washed-up mid to playoffs

3. Nico

Double-check he’s not on a US sanctions list

4. Style

I hear Style wants to play mid this season, if he is not picked to play carry

5. Deep pick: Lonewolf

Namesake player of a 5–11 team

5 Offlaners to Watch

  1. Marshall

Like Wizard of Chaos but with less cocaine

2. General Ender

Like Wizard of Chaos but with more cocaine

3. Muggsy

Successfully bribed a woman to marry him with a piece of hardened carbon

4. Style

Secretly practicing offlane on his smurf

5. Deep pick: Chairman Meow

Damn commies

5 Supports to Watch

  1. Penella

Biggest donger in RD2L

2. Style

Let’s be honest, someone will pick him to play mid

3. Pony

CD associate, enemy of Vinyl

4. Eldritch Horror

Maybe the Eldritch Horrors are the enemies we made along the way

5. Deep pick: Nothingspecial

Not even sure he’s qualified enough to be a ward bitch

Special: Disband Tankers

These players are great picks if you need someone to tank an abandon for your team

Stang, Econ, Lonewolf, Nothingspecial, Mediocrelubu, Tempest




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