RD2L Season 22 Team Review: Team Doss

You know how everyone publishes team reviews at the END of the season and now you have 40 different reviews to read? Plus, half those reviews sound like they were written by drunken monkeys on keyboards that get an electric shock whenever they say something bad about someone.

Hullcity preparing content

Who actually wants to read 40 shit reviews that just say “Iceyeti is a great carry player I’d recommend drafting him because he’s a great teammate” or some shit? Let’s be honest, Iceyeti is a degenerate foot hobo and if you drafted him you should probably just disband. See? Way more interesting review. That one’s on the house. I’ll be reviewing every player out of 10 on my team, where 9 is dead sexy and 7 probably isn’t good enough to skip the line at the club.

The “terrifying” Iceyeti after banning Wraith King and Chaos Knight.

Nica: Nica starts every match with some smooth, silky acoustic guitar over Discord. Like a true rocker, Nica makes sure to be fashionably late to our matches but would you honestly ever go to a concert by a musician that wasn’t late from being baked on cocaine?

Electric > Acoustic fight me

If I know one thing about talented musicians, it’s that they…

Doss: Doss has a great job, is down-to-earth, and he’s Canadian. What more could you want out of a captain? What, you want wins? Well, I’m sure he’s winning over the heart of your girlfriend right now so I’d have to rate him…

Peregrine: Peregrine plays BEASTMASTER a lot. BEASTMASTER is totally fucking ripped. Therefore, Peregrine must be totally fucking ripped and sporting 14 pack abs.


Not that any of you would know anything about that since most of you struggle to lift a keyboard, which means you better watch out since Peregrine…

Reggie: Reggie rarely says anything on the mic. Then again, some women are into those silent and mysterious types, so I have to believe that Reggie…

Econ: Econ is too wealthy to be insane so he gets to wear the mantle of “eccentric.” There are plenty of women out there attracted to wealthy eccentric types, which means that Econ…

Bonus Iceyeti Review: DODGE



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