RD2L EST-SUN Season 24 Captain Guide

How to grief 4 other players while enjoying plausible deniability

3 min readAug 28, 2021

RD2L is in desperate need of captains. This guide is meant to guide new players — and veteran players alike — on how to pick a team that can play at least 3 weeks before disbanding.

I have a wealth of captain experience, and I regularly draft some of the best and most talented teams in the league. I am also a terrible player manager so said teams subsequently disband around mid-season, but you’re not here to read a guide on how to manage players, you’re here to read how to draft players and leave that management stuff for later.

I would be open to replacing this stock NFL draft image with one of your choice in exchange for giant piles of money. Contact me @dnmdota to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

First Round Pick: PMA Divine Player

In this pick, you cement your draft with a friendly, positive mental attitude player who can help set the personality of your team. Make sure to avoid all the “good” players like JM and 6dog and focus instead on the player most likely to complain in discord about being griefed yet still being theoretically a justified pick.

Suggested Pick: Style

Alternatives: Lemon, Verve, Stangbanger

Nobody does disbands like the Soviets

Second Round Pick: The Disband Tanker

Every so often you will “accidentally” draft a terrible team. Leaving a team in RD2L carries a 2 season ban, so this pick is meant to shore up your team by finding that player willing to tank a ban for your team and give everyone else plausible justification for disbanding.

Suggested Pick: Dbashore18

Alternatives: Nightwhisper, Arctan, Stangbanger

Third Round Pick: Penella

Pick Penella round 3. Trust me, she’s grand-master tier on TWO heroes. It’s hard to find this level of degeneracy in the Archon MMR, which will set us up with the ideal draft position in round 4.

Suggested Pick: Penella

Alternatives: Penella, Penella, Stangbanger

Fourth Round Pick: Whoever’s Most Closely Related to DNM

DNM is an RD2L player that turned pro, enjoying some success in Division 1 North America until getting griefed by Fear. Nowadays he enjoys being griefed by the rest of 5 Man Midas as he attempts to carry unwinnable games. He trained for his pro dota griefing by being griefed a season by Econ. His brother is also a top 200 immortal player, so we are going to pick the player most closely related to him left in the draft with this pick.

Suggested Pick: DNM

Alternatives: Double King, DNM’s pet goldfish, DNM’s father, DNM’s mother, DNM’s 3rd cousin once removed, Stangbanger

Brought to you by Econ. Send all complaints to Trav2s




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