RD2L EST-SUN Season 22 Mid-Season Power Rankings

Econ has returned from a 4-day Hiatus to discover that somehow no one has done a mid-season power ranking! Surely it is to avoid angry pings from upset captains and players about their team’s standing. To avoid this issue, I will be replacing player captain names with pseudonyms to maintain plausible deniability.

Texas bottoms out the power rankings based on their lack of any actual electric power

S Tier

These teams look poised to lose to EST-TUES in the grand finals.

  1. Admin rigger in chief: 104%
  2. Uncle Gab: 100%
  3. Coffee dessert: 100%
  4. Hot take team Patience is actually good: 100%

A Tier

Congratulations! You are in great shape to make the playoffs and lose to admin rigger in chief.

  1. Momomomomomomomommoomomomomomomommomomomom: 96%
  2. Firefrost: 96%
  3. Poonster: 96%
  4. Not Filski (p.s. actually team Filski): 93%
  5. Dratog: 93%

B Tier


  1. Heir to spare: 89%
  2. Lesser admin: 89%
  3. Hobo on the street: 89%
  4. Hide your wife: 89%
  5. Klair: 86%
  6. Goatfucker: 86%
  7. Garda is a pokemon right?: 86%
  8. Bobby NMA: 86%
  9. Simping for Alaska: 86%
  10. Retard admin: 82%
  11. Reeeeeeedy: 82%
  12. Coffee: 82%
  13. 90 year old midlaner: 82%

C Tier

Great job making C tier. You are poised to make playoffs by expending the minimum amount of effort possible.

  1. That guy who keeps getting adjusted up: 79%
  2. Basketball team: 79%
  3. Econ fed down offlane with this guy: 75%
  4. Be Slow: 75%
  5. DNM relegated?: 75%

D Tier

At least you didn’t get stuck on a team with Econ. Oh, wait, one of you did.

  1. Class average in American geometry: 64%
  2. Ice Fudge is melting: 64%
  3. Econ: 61%
  4. Pasta Girl: 60%

F Tier

I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.

  1. Schweineschnitzel: 54%
  2. Chupaloompa: 54%
  3. Captain feed down mid: 54%

FF Tier

very poopy

  1. Texas power grid: 46%
  2. Dogshit: 46%
  3. Gentleman throw for the ladies: 43%

FFF Tier

Quarantined for terribleness

  1. Good at identiying walking dead like this team: 39%
  2. I am edgy because I spell my name with a number: 36%
  3. Cow: 32%



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