Guide to Supporting in Immortal Bracket Matches

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Are you an immortal player looking for a consistent way to gain MMR? With this guide, you’ll quickly work your way up the immortal leader-board by playing position 4 and 5 support by using some of the newest and best practices in high MMR immortal matches.

If you see this you are now eligible to use this guide and get griefed by Nightwhisper

Standard Support Strategy

This is the default strategy most high ranking immortal supports use to consistently gain MMR. We will refer to it as the default, versus the “Advanced” strategy to come later.

Queue as a party of 3 players.

If one of you ends up as a captain, pick the lowest MMR player of the 3 players in your stack to join your team.

If you end up playing 2v1 with your party:

Play normally, or use one of the “Advanced” strategies.

If you end up playing 1v2 against your party:

1. Pick a high impact support hero

Called himself a “prophet” so the earnings from his treants would qualify as a religious exemption for tax purposes

Our preferred choice is going to be Nature’s prophet, but Ogre Magi is also a good choice.

2. Buy out both observer wards, and place them on the opposite side of the river near the opponent’s tower.

This allows the enemy carry to easily deward your observer wards for gold, helping secure the mid match-up.

3. Rush a midas

Hand of Midas — the signature item of high MMR supports

You’ll want to get farm wherever you can — stealing farm from your carry until you get a couple levels is a great strategy, and then leave him alone to 1v2 as you go jungle.

4. Buy a gem and feed it to your opponents.

An early gem can be a massive deciding factor in a match. Feeding one early should help secure the win for your team.

5. Proceed to build brown boots. If the enemy team still has the gem, rush a divine rapier. If they lose the gem, feed them another one.

Honestly, if you can’t win with 4v5 with a fed gem and rapier then I don’t know how you qualified for Immortal bracket in the first place.

6. Feed the divine rapier. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until your team wins.

if you’re low on gold you can 3D print a divine rapier instead of buying from secret shop

Rinse, Repeat, Free MMR.

Advanced Support Strategies

Once you make it to top 200 you may need to up your game. Here are some advanced strategies to propel you up the leader-boards. Many of these strategies can be combined together for greater impact, e.g. Nature’s prophet vs. Pudge and Slark.

Natures Prophet — Pudge

This strategy is fairly straightforward: take teleport level 1 and TP to pudge to feed him flesh heap stacks.

Some math: level 1 respawn time is 12 seconds. The cooldown on NP teleport is 62 seconds, while the cooldown on TP scroll is 75 seconds. Essentially, early on you are looking at feeding around 1 kill a minute to pudge, giving him around 30 stacks of flesh leap around 30 minutes (just from killing NP). That’s 60 bonus strength (90 with level 25 talent). Heart of Tarrasque gives 1240 total HP, while this strategy gives 1320 (1980 with talent), essentially giving pudge a free heart near the end of the mid-game.

Nature’s Prophet — Slark

A Wild Slark Appeared!

Same as the above essentially.

Nature’s Prophet — Silencer

This strategy is slightly trickier — you’ll want to make sure you have enough mana to cast your teleport ability and summon treants. If feeding another INT stack to silencer would bring you below this threshold, go farm some creeps until you get sufficient levels. It may be tempting to buy items to give you mana, but you’re typically better off going back to the default midas-gem-rapier strategy instead for more impact.

Medusa — Axe

You’ll want to follow the default farming guide — rushing a midas into gem and divine rapier. The major difference here is when your midas is on cooldown you’ll want to run to Axe to give him free culling blade stacks.

This is also possible with Nature’s Prophet and Ogre, but it’s far easier to execute with Medusa since Axe can dunk her from full HP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I get reported for Overwatch?

Sign up as a pro player on and then compete in an open qualifier. Now you’re exempt from getting banned!

What if I don’t have 2 other immortal ranked friends?

Somehow even Iceyeti has friends, and he’s a degenerate neet foot hobo so that’s definitely not a dota-specific problem.

What is Alaska’s favorite dessert?

Due to production issues, level 2000 battle passes will receive baked alaskas instead of Roshan statues in the future.

Baked Alaska, obviously.

Is supporting like this unethical?

Kant never said “Picking Nature’s Prophet and feeding is unethical” so it’s probably fine.




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