Econ’s Budget Artifact Beater: Oathless B/R Aggro

  • No Rares
  • I will not assume you know other player’s decks or can adjust your item deck between games
  • Any uncommons are allowed (yes,including multiple blink daggers)
Nevermore requires 2 tangoes and a ward to complete his oath you garbage supports
  • 2x Mercenary Exiles
  • 3x The Oath
  • Axe and Berserker’s Call
  • Tinker and March of the Machines
  • Bristleback for Axe (in your starting rotation)
Right proper Uncommon Basher
  • Sniper for Tinker
  • Additional Disciple of Nevermore
  • Additional Oglodi Vandal
  • Slay
  • Additional Legion Standard Bearer
  • Additional Stonehall Elite
I hope you didn’t fill your deck with garbage 2/2 creep spawn mechanisms




Statistician, Gamer, Fed Watcher, Activist Investor

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Statistician, Gamer, Fed Watcher, Activist Investor

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