Dear Econ, Edition 1: The OJ Simpson Trial

5 min readAug 15, 2018

A terrible thief once said “All is fair in love, war and Pokemon battles.” Curious about why Team Rocket only stopped at using two Pokemon at once when they cheated? You sadly won’t find the answers here or in last week’s thread, but maybe you’ll find some terrible advice that is possibly not as horrendous as whatever you are currently doing. As always, you can PM me your questions on Discord at Econ#0240.

This week’s edition will feature reader questions, some not reader questions and an Econ exclusive review of one of the most exciting upstarts in the online dating world.

Reader Questions

Kobe Asks: How can i get my gf to recruit/find other girls for 3somes?

Econ Answers: Great question Kobe. Have you considered that maybe you’re selling the experience the wrong way? Instead of asking your girlfriend to recruit some lovely ladies for a threesome, perhaps you should ask your girlfriend to recruit some lovely ladies for a threesome on your private yacht in Monaco.

You do have a small private yacht in Monaco, right? What else could you have done with that $328 Million from the Lakers? Just imagine the pitch… Michelin star restaurant for dinner followed by some french Champagne and a quiet evening on a reasonably sized yacht.

Kobe also asks: How do I know you’re not a Virgin?

Econ Answers: Well Kobe, I could tell you that I’m not… but there’s no way for you to really know I suppose…




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