An Open Letter to Pro Dota 2 Teams: Why you NEED the Inebriated Economist on Your Roster

It’s been a difficult season for many North American squads. With only one sponsored team, many squads have chosen to engage in match fixing as it turns out fixing matches is often more profitable than trying to place higher in DPC league play.

This is a problem for the scene, and I have a solution: add me to your pro roster. Why me you might ask? Because…

  1. I am capable of losing with any team from any position.

This unique talent of mine truly defines my ability to go pro and is what separates me from the pack. DNM once won a match with 3 players on his team trying to throw the match, but one Econ proved far too heavy a weight for him to handle (turns out my starting item 9 mango build on Ogre Magi was not as broken as I thought it was). My ability means I can be flexed to different roles on a roster depending on who that particular week is not interested in losing.

2. It’s not match fixing as long as you try to win.

My skill level in Dota is so unbelievably high that I can lose any match from any position while trying to win. I know many of you doubt this, but my skill at losing won games exceeds even that of Eternal Envy. For a team looking to lose games I can’t imagine a more value addition to your roster.

3. I can play Techies from any position.

What more could you possibly want from a promising pro player? Wait, you want someone who can actually win games?

4. I have connections to big money sponsors looking to invest in E-Sports

I am talking people with tons of money who aren’t that great at due diligence.

5. I can lose from any position on a team anywhere in the world.

I am free to join a pro team anywhere in the world. Worried that I don’t speak Mandarin? Speaking the same language as your teammates is only an issue if you need wins and definitely did not bet on your opponents to win.



Statistician, Gamer, Fed Watcher, Activist Investor

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